Our Reviews

John Hernandez and crew were amazing. Super friendly yet very professional. Any questions I had they answered and I was very happy how my case was handled.

Thomas G.

John Hernandez is smart, ethical, hard-working, and committed to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism. I would confidently refer anyone seeking legal representation for a work injury to John Hernandez, Esq., APC.

Steven A.

I absolutely loved the way Mr Hernandez handled my case. I wish I had started with him. The Firm I originally hired dropped the ball & John Hernandez was there to get the job done!

Monique N.

Mr. John Hernandez and staff, work hard to win your case! Their professionalism, work ethic, including communication is on point.

If ever in doubt regarding “work injury”, PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to John Hernandez, ESQ., APC & Team.. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

Sandra S.

I was being beat up with a legal situation and because I am not an attorney, I was unaware of my rights. I was referred to John Hernandez Law Offices, and that initial phone call lifted a weight off of my shoulders. The professional, HONEST service you get goes unnoticed and you’re not treated as just a “file” but a human being that John and his team go to bat to seek justice for.

Shamilla P.

I was with another attorney ( see review) and was lucky to find John. He got the ball rolling and had things done in short months, last attorney couldn’t do in over a year ! Thanks John !

Michelle C.

John Hernandez represented me on a workers comp case against my employer after I attempted to do this on my own without success. John was very knowledgeable, professional and always kept me well formed throughout the process. John won my case and obtained a nice settlement to compensate me for my injury.

Jorge N.

Un abogado honesto y seguro para luchar por sus derechos!

Yilud H.